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You are a valuable asset and your employer recognizes that you are essential to the success of the business. The Employees Are Assets™ program is here to help you reach your financial goals, understand your rights and options, and reduce the stress in your life.


  • Confidential Sessions with Licensed Attorneys at Your Convenience
  • Personalized Advice and Strategies
  • Resources and Contacts
  • Easy Online Scheduling



  • Debt Strategy. Are you thinking about taking out a 401(k) loan? Do you have payday loans that take all of your paycheck before you can even pay bills? Do you want to understand your rights when it comes to a collection account or wage garnishment? Are you worried about the amount of debt you have and want to know your options? Do you owe taxes and are not sure of your rights? A Debt Strategy Session helps with your individual situation and you get all of your questions answered in a confidential discussion


  • Credit Strategy. Do you know what your credit score is and how to improve it? Do you want to buy a house, but are unsure what to do with your credit to get ready? Do you have things that are wrong on your credit report and want to know how to fix them? A Credit Strategy Session answers all of the questions you have about your credit score, credit report, and how your situation can be improved.


  • Student Loan Strategy. Did you know that there are more than 50 repayment plans available for federal student loans? Is your student loan payment higher than your mortgage payment? Do you stay up at night worrying about your kids and student loans? A Student Loan Strategy Session goes through all of your rights and options when it comes to student loans and helps you to make the best decisions for you and your family’s future.


  • Post-Bankruptcy Strategy. Did you file bankruptcy or have a foreclosure in the past and want to get back on track with credit, finances, and moving forward? Are you unsure what your rights are on debts that survived the bankruptcy? Did you know that your credit score can be 700 a year after bankruptcy with the right steps? A Post-Bankruptcy Strategy Session helps figure out the next steps and puts you in the best position for recovery.


  • Identity Theft Strategy. Are you the victim of identity theft? Are you unsure whether the Equifax data breach affected you? Do you know how to check your kid’s credit report for possible identity theft? Have you struggled to get your credit report fixed after identity theft? An Identity Theft Strategy Session covers all of the details regarding your rights, next steps, and answers the many questions you have.